System fencing panels are panels welded from steel wire and hot-dip galvanized, covered with PVC. These panels are of the highest quality, covered with high resistance to weather conditions or other side effects. Assist offered by our company are ideal for areas such as areas as:

  • industrial plots
  • private plots
  • playgrounds
  • sports facilities
  • storage facilities
  • recreational facilities

On request, we issue a certificate of compliance indicating the highest quality of both the panels and pillars.

Panel height [cm] Post height [cm] Number of fixings Price per panel [eur] gross Price per set [eur] gross Number of pressings
123 200 2 18,00 32,00 2
153 235 3 25,00 34,00 3
173 235 3 27,00 36,00 3
200 260 3 41,00 53,00 4

All our panels are available in green, black, brown and gray colour.

Fences in different color are valued and produced¬† at customer’s request. Index of all RAL colors:

Fence panels are sold in sets or individually. It is also possible the purchase of the same accessories.

Technical description of an exemplary set:

  • Wire diameter 4mm
  • Panel height 153 cm
  • Panel length 250 cm
  • Panel weight 11 kg
  • Wink 5×20 cm
  • The post sectional 6×4 cm
  • Complete bracket (screws, nuts, washers, covered with plastic distance)
panel panel_ogrodzeniowy_slupek_m

One set includes:

  • Panel
  • post with the roof
  • clamps along with break-off nuts (protecting against theft)

We also sell accessories necessary for installation of fences we also offer services related to the performance of the contract.